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Evergreen List of Gadgets for Men: Pricey, Cheap, and the Cheapest

Finding somewhat cool gadgets for guys is always a struggle, at least for me.

And even though there’s a universal rule that tech gifts work better than any other type, there’s also a misconception that those gadgets have to be expensive.

If you are tired of searching IPOKI.com is willing to help and keep all that backbreaking labor for its team. 

And the only thing left to do for you is to reap the reward by scrolling through the list below.
Fingers crossed that you’ll find some of the suggestions useful.

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Cheapest gadgets for guys

You might think that there’s nothing “cool” about the cheapest gifts. But you are about to be surprised.

Among some nifty options are an MP3 player, awesome Bluetooth headphones, portable keyboard for the smart TV and much more. 

Please note that we only included the products with the decent (“good” and higher) buyer’ ratings on this list.

Here are the details: 

Personalized wooden thumb drive

While memory stick might not be the fanciest gift idea ever, it’s surely is handy. One of the “hottest” inventions in the category are encrypted USB drives. Even though some might think that the tech is outdated, the demand is still growing. And it expected to keep doing so at a pace of 3.8% per year. Reaching whopping $150M by 2024 (vs. $120M in 2019).  

And maybe this particular gadget is not encrypted. But you still can’t get go wrong with it, because it can be customized with any design you want. So it goes from “meh-gift” to “wow, that’s so thoughtful-gift” in no time. And it costs so little! 

Portable USB player


I just LOVE clip players. Those are the most practical to carry around and look really cool. This one comes in several colors. You can buy all three (to go with any outfit) and still get a ridiculously low total.

It supports MP3 and WMA formats stored on TransFlash (TF) cards. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for about 4 hours of continuous playback.

Create super special playlist, upload it to a TF card (should be purchased separately, e.g., this looks awesome) and here you go: just a player transformed into a gift with the deep meaning.  

Capacitive stylus (and pen)


Not much to say about this stylus: it’s working, it looks stylish, and it’s outrageously cheap. Cool stuff. Highly practical tech gift for any iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab user. Or for anyone who still writes with an actual pen.

Cheap Bluetooth headphones


Good quality earphones, as reported some of the happy customers. It DOES NOT look cheap, well build, the sound quality is decent.

Fully charged lasts for up to 10 hours and working distance is around 10 meters. It also comes with some technical perks.

For instance, If your guy pal, potential receiver of this gift, has to do anything with Asian countries  (dealing with friends, suppliers, business partners, whatever) this little thing supports WeChat calls (primary messenger in the region).  

Think of a big picture. Maybe those earphones will motivate the receiver to start a business in China?

Cheapest Google cardboard

This is probably one of the cheapest VR headset ever.

And it works pretty well for the money. Much better than similar products, and at a lower price.  Device’s lens is imported from Japan and brings HD cinematic experiences with a wide 95° field of view.

Compatible with tons of devices: all types of iOS, Android and Windows. And super easy to use: plug it into your phone and enjoy all the fun you want.

Note that it’s made of cardboard. So the owner should be gentle with it to ensure that the fun will last.

Wireless keyboard for Android (and more)


Cool set of wireless controllers aimed to increase the degree of entertainment convenience.

Whether it’s Netflix browsing or motion-sensing gaming battle this keyboard will be a real savior (on a mission to save the owner’s time when searching for a movie, for instance).

Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, Smart TV, Android TV Box, etc. Fully charged (rechargeable) battery lasts about 30 hours of active gaming/ using the time (or up to 6 months in a stand by mode).  

Infinity cube

In spite of its being budget-friendly this stress cube in an essential gadget for any man struggling with leg shaking, nail biting, knuckle cracking and other charming, but slightly annoying anxiety-related habits.

The meditative, noiseless cube fidgeting also helps to sharpen the focus.

Good thing that it’s made of premium non-toxic materials and has this luxurious feel about it. The metal links are rust resistant and can survive the flipping of any intensity.  

Magnetic pickup tool with light

So, your friend is into do-it-yourself kind of things? Well, this little set will be an excellent addition to his tools collection. Powerful (tactical) flashlight, magnetic and mechanical pickup tools. Good value and works like a charm for general household use.

Tech gifts slightly pricier

Dope waterproof Bluetooth speakers (with an optional opportunity to turn any sound into stereo), smart water bottles and lighting systems. That’s just a few examples of what you might find in the list below. Keep reading for more ideas.

AC LED light strip


This smart strip light is a 1-meter extension to a full version of this light set, that is available here. But if your techy friend has one of those? Or care about lightning and home decor?

In that case, this strip light is a way to go.

Once the smart strip installed and connected to a brand’s app, the choice of 16 million colors of the lightning is available. Party, romantic scene or relaxing environment – that light will get it covered.

Multi-purpose survival tool

Great for hobbyists, repairers, mechanics, carpenters, boat owners, campers and other guysy types of guys this ninja wallet is super sleek looking.

Made from 4x heat treated steel and can be hardly bent by the strongest reviewers on Amazon.

Lifetime guarantee that producers are promising also sounds quite attractive – this gift will be with the receiver TILL THE END.

Works great for boxes cutting, fruits peeling, screws driving and I have a feeling that MacGyver would have died for it.  

Long-range presentation remote

Is your friend love acing it at the office? And can’t stop talking about his recent promotion or great report on how his company has “revolutionized the concept of power shifts and grew the ability to utilize without diminishing the capability to productize“?

(I am sure he is not such a great friend anyway? M?)

Well, here you go! Perfect gift for this bore – wireless clicker for his next PPT demo show. (And it works in up to 100 meters wireless range!)

As explained by producers “it’s easy to use (just plug the receiver in the USB slot on your device) and It has a red laser pointer to draw your crowd.” Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Reusable notebook

If your friend is as crazy about notebooks like me, he will appreciate this little guy without a shadow of a doubt. I used to purchase the paper once like mad until I was introduced to Rocketbook six month ago.

I am just thinking about all the trees that suffered from my need to scribble something down relentlessly. But even worse (although a bit selfish) is the time spent to categorize those scribbles.  

Once Rocketbook’s is appropriately set up all the notes are sent to assigned folders and cloud storages. And although this product feels like a traditional pocket-sized notebook, it is endlessly reusable.

You have to purchase Pilot Frixion line pens for writing. That way the ink will stick to notepad’s pages, but the water can erase it effortlessly.

Cheapest smart lights


Great little night lightning device can be a really cool tech gift.

It has super advanced human motion detectors that can spot a sleepwalker from far away (sensing range is up to 7 meters).

And in the case, it will light up automatically for 15 seconds to make sure that nobody will step on a dog or a cable, or any other things available for stumbling upon in the dark. (And making sure that nobody falls  is a nifty technique used to save on medical bills in case of a sudden arm breaks, etc.).

Also, if to think outside the box – why not to buy a hundred of those and not to use it as a substitute for any lightning that was used before? It’s charged with USB cable (can be done at the office and nearby Starbucks).

The power source of the device is the lithium battery. And once its fully charged it lasts for up to 120 hours.

Screw you, outrageously high electricity bills, am I right?

Bluetooth water bottle

Can you ever wrap your head around the amount of cool cheap gadgets that inventors are coming up lately with?

This thing is awesome. And it looks amazing. What does it do?

Well, apart of its primary function (being a bottle) it also glows, when you are due doing some water drinking. It also a Bluetooth speaker, and dancing lights.

Damn, it’s like owning a little club with drinks, dancing and laser show.

Bluetooth speaker with light show

Another speaker in the list. But we just couldn’t pass by – that’s how cool it looks.

Definitely can be a dope addition to cool gadgets collection of any real geek.

It has a built-in microphone, so it’s possible to use the cube for hands-free cell phone voice calls. The device also features the built-in FM radio.

Compatible with the bunch of devices (all types of iPhones, iPads, various models of Samsung Galaxy, Sony and HTC). Working distance is up to 10 meters. Charging time for a full charge is around 2.5 hours, playing time – approximately 10 hours.

And, as some users reported, the sound quality is brilliant, it really is.

Collapsible cup

If eco-consciousness is not an empty sound for you, then this Stojo collapsible cup might be a trendy, terrific, and budget-friendly gift idea. 

These are built to last a lifetime and designed to be leak-proof. Both the cup and the straw are dishwasher safe and made of super safe, fully recyclable materials. Also, this brand has a noble mission. They distribute 1% of revenue to ecology-focused nonprofit causes. That’s a nice way to decrease your carbon footprint. If you are looking for more options, check our guide on the best collapsible cups

Cool gadgets for men (still affordable)

Amongst potential catches might be really solid wireless headphones, smart Bluetooth speakers, virtual reality headsets and much more. We found eight amazing tech gifts that will make you look really good even within a very strict budget. Keep reading.

Waterproof wireless speaker

Stupendous cute little speaker with the super strong Bluetooth connection (can be used within 15 meters once paired with your audio device) apart of being waterproof boasts with huge working capacity. Once charged plays up to 10 hours.  

That’s like the whole flight from London to New York + an extra couple of hours at the passport control for all the people to enjoy your music).

On top of it, it can be paired with another speaker and ensure the truly “stereo” and “Dolby surround” effect. Even if your friend is not into the speaker, check out this product video, featuring the waterproofness test. Mesmerizing.

Really nice earbuds


In spite of being almost invisible and too small to weigh those earphones surprise with a decent sound. It uses an advanced noise cancellation technology so there will be no more outside word distractions. Only music (and cool design).

One of the functions we absolutely loved in this earphones is the touch control – to switch it on or off you just have to dab it slightly. And the charging box is also pretty mind-blowing. The downside is that the playing time is quite brief. Fully charged headphones only last for a couple of hours of relentless listening.

Cheaper Fitbit alternative


To be frank, I love Xiaomi a lot – I own several appliances made by this brand, including MP3 players, scales and, of course, this fantastic bracelet.

Moreover, my enthusiasm about it was so infectious that around 10 people I know (and I am not a socialite) bought into it too.

And it’s not surprising.

The product looks great, the app is easy to use, the instructions are quite straightforward, it’s customizable, so you can change the bracelet’s strap whenever you want (here are some options if you are curious) and it’s dirt cheap compared to similar products. But hardly worse (I’d say better!) in the quality department.

Some basic features apart of steps, distance and calories tracking include heart rate sensor (to adjust the pace for “fat burning” mode), sleep tracker, alarm, and more.

Working time around 20 days after fully charged.

Breakfast sandwich maker

Not sure what’s your call on this, but in my opinion, (and some scientists would agree with me) breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Paradoxically fewer people are able to eat that breakfast, because most of humanity is very busy and have to be on time for that first team meeting at 7 AM at the office. So, the best case scenario, we’ll get some coffee and bagel (or protein bar, depending on the level of health consciousness) from the nearest coffee shop.

Well, maybe this thing will become a solution… It requires way less of a hassle both in stirring and cleaning.  

And who knows, with more practice and the tendency for experimenting, maybe it’s even possible to come up with a



             super dope

                    michelin star worthy breakfast sandwich recipe?

Color changing bluetooth speaker

The look of this speaker is simply cool. The changing color design (rotating six colors) is a show-stopper. And the sound is very decent (meaty bass, sweet treble), especially considering the price. MIANOVA has this internal power amplifying chip that works hard to deliver the best possible playing quality even with the broken sound input. Great video review can be found here.

Working time is 10 hours, 8 hours with the lights on. Feels like a legit nano house party!

Cool light up speaker

Damn, this thing looks like it’s been left on our planet by the aliens from the galaxy far far away.

Forget about 6 changing shades from above, this speaker enables 16 million colors following the lead of the music playing.

Built-in high-quality tech ensures that the bass will sound awesomely even when the volume is at highest. Comes with the remote to control the lighting and other features. Super intuitive to use. The battery lasts from up to 8 hours of the playtime. Check this video review for more.

And at the end, there always a chance that it will be possible to meet the representatives of undiscovered civilizations as soon as they decide to get their speaker back from Earth.

Surprisingly affordable.

Best smartphone microphone

Great tech gift for anyone thinking of running own podcast or conducting interviews. With minimum investment, you’ll get a VERY powerful tool for recording audio with your mobile phone.

It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Smartphones and delivers some of the clearest recorded sounds you can find given the price.

Well, you should watch this video really, it says it all.

Gadgets for men that will make a REALLY good gift

Finding cool gadgets in this budget category seems like a way more doable task than digging out the treasures worth less than a tenner. In the list are smart scales, portable coffee-maker, solar chargers and much more. Let’s dive into the deeper details.

Wine opening kit

Introducing an eligible gift for any wine drinking technophile. As reported by heavy users in spite of concerns about opener’s uncorking capabilities the device does the job perfectly. No more struggles with crumbled corks – 7 seconds and you are done with opening the bottle.  

And blue LED lights also give room for imagination in starting some of the most unusual conversations. Set includes automatic rechargeable corkscrew (full charge is enough to open up to 80 bottles), Wine Aerator, Vacuum Wine Preserver, 2 Bottle Stoppers, Foil Cutter & Charging Base.

The piece is not a fancy super expensive-feel quality, but any item in the set is solid and seems to be built to last.

The best smart scale

I’ve already mentioned my warmest feelings toward Xiaomi and the design, functionality, and quality of gadgets they keep coming up with.

This scale is not an exception.

Those look fantastic and offer a bit more than, let’s say conventionally popular scales.

Xiaomi not only measures your standard weight, BMI, lean mass, water, body fat, and bone mass. It also covers basic metabolism and visceral fat levels. And let’s face it, Xiaomi looks way sleek. Click on the play button above to watch it in action.

Smart scale by Xiaomi Mi is powered by four AA battery that lasts forever (for one year).  

Vintage record player

Here’s a gadget gift idea for any aspiring audiophile. 

Record players are often associated with old school days or with totally crazy music junkies. However, modern technologies are bringing more budget-friendly options to the market. So, items like this one, 

 aesthetically pleasing, with flawless sound and very affordable, are coming into the market. Whether you fancy playing a clean sound from CD or a vinyl record, this device will do the trick. Worth every penny spent! If you are looking for more options, check our guide on the best record players. 

Best cold brew maker

For all geeky coffee addicts out there, Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a sterling gift idea. It will take some practice to come up with the drink that matches the owner’s personal preferences, but once it’s figured out cold freshly brewed coffee making will get so much fun.

It’s compact, so it won’t take much space even in the tiniest apartment and would be a breeze to carry around when visiting a friend’s party.

It looks sooo good, so will be an excellent addition to any interior (even if we are talking about complete design freaks).

Thoughtfully made with BPA-free materials. And it’s also easy to use and clean. (Here’s the how-to video, in case you are wondering).

Portable espresso machine

Another cool tech gift idea for a nerdy caffeine aficionado.  

Minipresso GR is an impeccable portable espresso machine. Compact, lightweight and well-designed.

You may grind and use any variety of coffee bean/roast. It will give more options in trying new flavors and enjoy up to 50 ml of authentic espresso in the office, at home, or on the go even if there’s no electricity.

The verdict: Impressive coffee body and taste for a generously priced device.

Backpacking solar charger

This weather-resistant, portable, durable solar charger will breezily convert up to 23.5% of solar power into energy. For any sustainability-conscious technophile that sounds like music.

Experiments conducted by the users demonstrated, that the device being placed outside on a sunny day will fully charge an iPhone 6 plus (from 0%) in about two hours. And it will do the same in three hours if placed indoors under the direct sunlight. Here’s the great video review of the product for your convenience.

One thing to note though – if there’s an interruption during the process, the connected device will stop charging. So it has to be replugged.

RAVPower 21W solar charger is compatible with various types of iPhones, iPads, Galaxy S9 S8 Edge Plus, Nexus, Note, LG, and etc.

Tech gifts for men (that worth every penny)

Best budget camera drone

Drones are cool. I wish I could have my own collection of those – the more, the merrier.

However, if someone only about to make the first steps on the path to a complete obsession with drones our recommendation is to start with Redpawz R020.

While DJi camera drone can be priced at hundreds or thousands of dollars, this tiny drone has all a beginner might need at a fraction of the price.

It comes with a very intuitive app that can be used as a remote controller. On top of that, the footage and photos that drone takes are of impressive quality, taking into account the price (720P HD 120° wide-angle). See it in action in this video.

Here at IPOKI.com we always want you to have the best possible stuff for your $. So, the options are there, the choice is yours.

Smartphone video rig

Maybe your tech-loving friend was secretly considering video blogging or even directing career?

Give him a nudge and make his dream come true with this “almost as good as professionals’” smartphone video set.

Superb kit, specifically, for the price. It enhances video and audio quality for iPhones and Android devices. The mic records the sound crispy clear, the grip is very flexible and sturdy. It immediately improves the production quality of any smartphone’s video. This is a great testing/comparison video to put things in perspective.

Whatever it is – an interview or a live stream – anyone’s Snapchat and Instagram tribes from now on will be wowed.

Cell phone UV sanitizer

So if your techy guy is a bit freaky about cleaning and carries around little bottles of hand sanitizer, then your searches for a perfect gift are over.

PhoneSoap solves the huge mystery of all time: how to destroy the bacteria on someone’s phone without bathing it. So, how does it work?  It’s a UV sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs. Just place any mobile device in the case (or anything that has to be cleaned) and wait.

It comes with two charging ports. So while being sanitized the device might also be charged.  

Electric heated gloves

These gloves are extraordinary. The pair was thoughtfully created to include all the perks that would make it an absolute joy to use.

It’s made of genuine leather, lasts for up to 5 hours when fully charged, waterproof, and features velcro regulator to adjust the sizing comfortably.

No more freezing hands, whether you are on a skiing trip or just stuck outside during the wintertime. If you are looking for more options, check our guide on the best heated gloves

Best Ring doorbell alternative


Smart doorbells sound like a future is now, available for anyone much cheaper that one might expect.

And that’s precisely the case with Dophigo DPH-DI-200.

What does this smart doorbell do? When someone is at the door (whether it’s day or night), ringing the bell, it records the high-quality video of the occurrence and sends it to free cloud storage. It also notifies you about it with the push notification on the cellphone.

Ergonomic stool

This stool is not a gadget per se, but we are pretty sure that any cool techy guy will appreciate it. What’s so great about it? It looks so fresh. And it keeps you moving!

Dynamic sitting emulates the continuous posture changes, similar to ones that happen while we are standing that naturally tone our muscles.

And, as one user put it ( and we can’t say any better): this stool even better than CrossFit.

HD home theater projector

What if your gadget-friendly friend is also a cinephile?

You might be skeptical about giving him a video projector (aren’t those supposed to cost over $1000?) but don’t be! This compact device does a great job and boasts with quite a decent picture quality. Even the sound is quite good, so there’s no need to install a fancy sound system on top of it.

Getting close to the cinema experience is pretty straightforward with this thing – just connect the projector to the source of video through HDMI cable (maybe it’s a laptop, streaming Netflix), find a large white wall (ideally in the dark room) and private cinema is ready to go.

Mmm, do you smell popcorn too?

Waterproof wireless speaker

Whoa, those are good-looking. Super portable,  lightweight, waterproof and also boast with a good sound – really clear, nice bass even when it gets REALLY loud.

Playtime after a full charge is up to 10 hours. Working distance – up to 30 meters! Variety of colors is EPIC.

Wearhaus headphones

Easily might be considered one of the best Bluetooth headphones existing in this price range, only judging by its basic features. Super sleek design, off the charts comfort, and the mind-blowing sound quality.

But add on top of it swiping for control and shade-changing LED ring… Well, you’ve got the picture. (And if not – watch this video for more).

And that’s not it. WEARHAUS ARC+ primary wow factor is “social listening” functionality.

It’s now possible to share what you are listening with ease, connecting with another headphones owner through the app or the device itself.

Works up to 15 hours after charging. Compatible with pretty much everything: iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad,  Windows, PC, Mac, Nintendo, Computer, Playstation, Xbox, you name it.

Smart Backback

XD Design is from Netherland. And this team is driven by creating something they call “Affordable Uniqueness.” They are trying to reinvent traditional boring everyday products adding up some relevant lit functionalities to it.

And that’s how anti-theft backpack with USB charger came to life.

The bag itself is phenomenal. Super sleek. Pretty lightweight. It has conveniently accessible (but not for the thieves!) compartments for all essential gadgets including laptops and tablets. It’s not huge, but spacious enough (you can check this unboxing video to get the idea). Although probably won’t fit the demands of people who are crazy over compartments and believe that the more of those, the merrier.

The backpack has a built-in USB charger (it might be REALLY handy one day).

It comes with a rain cover and a free shopping tote. All in all – no brainer if you are looking for a gift to give to a gadget-loving friend who’s also appreciative of a great design. And   If you are looking for more options, check our guide on the smart backpacks.

VI personal trainer

Maybe your friend is not only appreciative of tech, but also into running and healthy lifestyle?

And maybe he is also can’t wait for an artificial intelligence become more intelligent?

Well, how about the running headphones with an on-demand personal AI trainer?  

It coaches the runner in a real-time checking out the measurements from a built-in fitness tracker. And based on the data received it delivers constant optimization of the running, cycling, and other types of exercise in a human voice. (Check this video to see it in action).

Yes, those are not cheap, but they are an immense value. And let’s face it – two sessions with a running coach will cost pretty much the same as these headphones.  And will the human running coach have instant access to the heart rate and other health data? I don’t think so.

Also, it’s hard to quit the training session with an actual person right away if there are some urgent work-related (or family-related) matters on the horizon. With robot coach from the future that wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

But what if your techy friend is also a music producer wannabe?

Have you ever seen him carrying around a little speaker and putting on that hot new tune to anyone who’s willing (or not) to listen?

Or maybe you heard him saying “once I was djing at my friend’s party…”?

Well, maybe those were the signs to consider Numark Mixtrack 3 DJ controller as a gift.

It has everything someone may want in a starter controller. Plus some extras that you simply won’t find at this price range ever ( e.g., dedicated deck filter knobs and 100mm pitch sliders as one of the advanced user reported).

The controller is Mac and Windows compatible and designed with both skilled and newbie DJs in mind. And, in spite of quite an affordable price you’ll get what you expected from Numark – the QUALITY. See how it works here.

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