20 Awesome Geek Wallets: For Space, Tech, Comics, and Computer Games Lovers

The latest version of wallets is not just a leather product used to store your cash. Geek wallets can come with state-of-the-art features such as RFID and blocking technology. Or they can be slim and slick enough to hold the growing number of your plastic cards. And they can even be a conversational piece if they are somehow connected to your personal interests. 

Listed below are some of the best geeky wallets that you can find online. Whether you are geeking out about anime, Marvel universe, Lego, or classic consoles, you’ll find something you might like. Let’s get started. 

Are you interested in a particular type of geeky wallet? Then use the table of contents below to jump to the most relevant section. And you can always go back by clicking on the black arrow in the right bottom corner of the page. Also, please note that some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. For more details, check the Disclosure section at the bottom of the page. 

Anime wallets

All Might Wallet

My Hero Academia wallet found on Amazon.

Many people (nerds included) love anime and My Hero Academia for various reasons. 

Mostly because you got to see someone living the lives we don’t. And many anime girls are hot too. There are all those exciting little tweaks and details about the characters, unexpected plot twists. And the whole created anime universe with events that can’t happen in real life and keep us captivated.

So if you agree with all being said, you might find that All Might Wallet is just a perfect sentiment to remind yourself about the magical parallel reality. And, maybe, getting one step closer to it. 

The wallet itself is super practical – it’s to put in and out of pocket. It doesn’t have a bazillion of card slots, but it can hold up to 5 cards per each.  

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Totoro wallet

Totoro wallet from Amazon.

Hayao Miyazaki created the most “accessible” anime that exists. And he is not only a genius director but one of the most powerful filmmakers-storytellers ever, who absolutely nailed “2D” cartoons. And the soul of his creations is characters. Totoro, without a shadow of a doubt, can be called one of the crowd’s favorites. This particular movie and the character can throw you back, deep into your childhood.

And it drives so many emotions that anyone of us can relate. So this wallet is not only a cute and beautiful sentiment for any Miyazaki fan but also of high quality. Holds a ton of cards, cash in a zipped compartment, and even have a snapped slots to make sure that nothing would be lost or fallen out. 

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DC comics wallet

Joker wallet

Joker wallet from Amazon.

Both Joker and Batman are tragic characters. Both are beautiful disasters. And to be frank, if there was no Joker, Batman could hardly exist in a way we know him. (The rule goes the other way too, though). In a way, anyone can relate to this unique villain. Joker – is something that can happen to a real human after a very long and terrible day.

Anyone can turn evil just for the sake of fun. So if you are mesmerized by the storyline of this Marvel anti-hero the Joker wallet might be a good of all geeky wallet options. This bi-fold made of premium vegan leather and has 5 card slots and ID holder too. 

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Superman wallet

Superman wallet from Amazon.

Superman is not an alien. He is your ordinary human, who’s trying to make the best of any given opportunity, He protects us and believes in what we could be. His superpower, not the strength from Krypton, but rather his morals, principals, and values. It’s very encouraging.

And probably one of the reasons explaining the popularity of this character. If you are into Supermen, we found an ideal wallet. It’s well made, looks fantastic, feels like real leather (although made of synthetic one). Really nice wallet. 

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Multifunctional wallets

Charger wallet

Small multitool wallet from Amazon.

Even if you are looking into $200 range wallets and higher, you most likely won’t find as much value as this one. It’s ultra-slim and small, (0.37” thick x 3.37″ tall x 2,25″ wide) but fits 8 cards plus cash. It’s equipped with RFID blocking functionality for the extra safety of your sensitive information.

And it’s made of steel, so it’s VERY durable. The robust multi-tool selection is an additional bonus: from bottle opener to tool drivers and sets of various wrenches. 

But wait, you can even improve it. It’s practically the only small wallet that can fit a phone charger (and you still will have room for cash too). For instance this pocket size (0.35″ x 2.1″ x 3.3″) 3000mah power bank can be great for the purpose. 

Sometimes geeks want more practical things. And this wallet can be a perfect gift in that case. 

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Waterproof wristband wallet

Waterproof wristband wallet from Amazon.

This one is handy for fitness, beaches, traveling, etc. When you have to make sure that your most important belongings stay closer to you and look discreet. It features a zipped compartment to hold all your cash, ID, cards, keys, etc.

It’s not massive but comfortably holds at least 6 cards. It looks good and easy to put on and off, thanks to Velcro-like fastener. It’s not waterproof per se, but it’s made of water-resistant ripstop nylon that dries quickly.

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Digital armor wallet

Digital armor wallet from Amazon.

There are many ways to steal your credit card information. Even though RFID skimming is not the one that puts you at risk the most, it still can happen. And it’s better to be safe than sorry if you ask me.  

But what’s RFID skimming through? Your card, when activated by an RFID reader, can wirelessly transmit various information about you. This data allows you to confirm your identity when you are making a purchase, after all.

But the thing is that the RFID chip in your card has its own micro electromagnetic fields. It’s always there. So with a little effort, it can be accessed even without RFID reader initiating data exchange with your card. 

Where does it live us? 

Potentially anyone can scan your card through your pocket. And it indeed had happened.

That’s why digital armor wallet with RFID protection makes perfect sense. 

I love this full-grain leather handmade bi-fold. It will last, it has tons of compartments, it’s quite small, and RFID blocking works flawlessly. 

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 Notepad wallet

Notepad wallet from Amazon.

While the pace of life speeds up daily, you have to grow more mobile. So taking notes on the go, it’s not an eccentricity but necessity.

If you are anything like me, you definitely prefer taking handwritten notes old school way. And also probably hate when your phone battery dies too quickly. 

But can note-taking also be portable? Or you stuck with huge notebooks at all times? 

Well, there might be a proper option that will ensure that your notes will stay compact and easy to carry around. I found this wallet. It’s only 3.1″ x 4.6″ x 0.45″, so you won’t have any trouble keeping it in a pocket.

It holds a set of refillable note-taking sheets (along with two pens). And also keys, cards, and cash too. It looks simple and minimalistic yet beautiful. Perfect multifunctional everyday carry little wallet. 

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Marvel comics wallet

Spiderman wallet

Spiderman wallet from Amazon.

The main reason most of the fans love Spider-man is that he’s just an ordinary guy anyone can relate to. And he only accidentally ended up having those superpowers and willing to risk his life to save others. He is just like me and you, an underdog, a nerd with girl/money/bullies problems.

But he has big ambitions and a big heart. So it’s easy to choose Peter Parker / Spider-man as a favorite. And for those who did, this wallet will help to communicate your preferences in superheroes.

 On top of all clear benefits for any true Spider-man fan, this bi-fold wallet is small enough (8.6″ x 3.5″). So you can carry it around comfortably even though it has enough storage too.  

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Captain America wallet

Captain America wallet from Amazon.

Captain America is by far one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. He inspires us to become a better version of ourselves, both through his leadership over other Avengers or through his strength and courage. 

For those who agree, here’s a very inspiring geeky wallet option. The quality of the item is excellent, it’s durable and looks pretty cool. It has several card slots, cash pocket, and ID window too. Very roomy and hold up well. 

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Video games wallets

Super Mario wallet

Super Mario wallet from Amazon.

Any Super Mario reference most likely brings you back to your childhood. When you were wearing ridiculous outfits and tried to get all the things done ASAP to play your favorite video game. 

Unlike Batman or Captain America, nobody loves Mario because of his strength. He is just a jumpy guy who doesn’t mind to bump into things with his head and likes to follow the mushrooms too.

He is an icon, a legacy, a Mickey Mouse of game consoles.

And if you are feeling the way I think of him, you’ll enjoy this wallet too. 

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Minecraft wallet

Minecraft wallet from Amazon.

In today’s Minecraft, there is an unlimited supply of things to play with. And the world created in this game never have to end. It’s like a boundless set of Lego with infinite building opportunities. And that’s what makes the game so addictive.

It’s a simple building interface with very complex building possibilities. You got to be a creator of your own universe. 

So it’s easy to get hooked on this game. And if you are a true fan of it, you’ll appreciate this particular nylon wallet, officially licensed by Minecraft. It measures approximately 3.5 inches x 4.5 inches. It holds everything you might want the wallet to hold: credit cards, ID, and cash too. 

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NES wallet

NES wallet from Amazon.

Another iconic item for millennial gamers is the NES console. Yes, the graphic and plot of NES games are by far inferior to all contemporary gaming masterpieces. Yet some of us will still enjoy playing away those good old Super Mario Bros and the Legend of Zelda, feeling like they are 5-10 years old again.

For those, this wallet might be a great thing too. It’s designed as an NES Classic Controller. It’s very spacious, durable, and measures 4.52″ x 3.54″ x 0.78″ when closed. 

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Final Fantasy wallet

Final Fantasy wallet from Amazon.

Exploring incredible worlds and finding their secrets, while helping people – that was the value of Final Fantasy for all times. And one of the most amazing things about the game is the number of all additional (but optional) side quests that you might be venturing into. 

Very thought through. 

Just like this wallet. It has 9 pockets inside (3 for cash, 4 for cads, ID slot and zipper pocket too). It’s made of soft canvas and features the Lightning with Snow and Shiva on the inside. So, all in all, It is a great multipurpose wallet for everyday use, that will make any Final Fantasy fan glee with joy. 

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Legend of Zelda wallet

Legend of Zelda wallet from Amazon.

Challenging puzzles, appealing stories, the atmosphere of freedom, and the soundtrack – these are just some of the things that made us fall in love with the Legend of Zelda in the first place. 

And for those true fans, this wallet is an absolute must-have. It holds up well, seem very durable and pleasing not only because of its Zeldaisque esthetics, but also works well for the purpose. It has a lot of slots for your cards and ID, and it’s not huge at all – it measures only 4” x 3” when folded. 

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Assassin’s Creed wallet

Assassin’s Creed wallet from Amazon.

Assassin’s Creed is a unique game, as it’s a mix of history and Sci-fi. Plus, not every day you are allowed to act like a bad-ass Assassin. So if this one was your “comfort food” of gaming, then you might consider this item for the next wallet upgrade.

Even though it’s cheap, the craftsmanship is quite something. It has too many pockets for all of the essential cards.

It’s lightweight and looks fantastic.

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Lego wallet

Lego wallet from Amazon.

Lego, even though some can’t understand that, is a great way to unwind and at the end of the stressful adult day. You can work on your creativity or unleash your internal architect/engineer. 

So there’s no surprise that some of us (even less nerdy ones) still love Lego a lot. 

This wallet can be a proclamation of our values (and a good conversation starter to spot other lego-addicts in the crowd)

This piece measures 3.2 x 4.5 x 0.1 inches. It’s made of velcro and nylon. Maybe those are not the most sophisticated materials. Still, it’s very affordable, holds up well, and does the job of storing all the valuables for you.  

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Space wallet

Space wallet from Mighty Wallet

This one is by Mighty Wallet®, the company invented back in 2005 to launch the range of pretty special wallets on the market. 

The major innovation is the material used – it’s made of super-tough, vegan, eco-friendly, tear and water-resistant, practically invincible Tyvek®.

Each wallet, including this one, is made of a single sheet of the material, which makes it super thin and lightweight too. It’s a practical nerd’s dream. 

This wallet features the map from Mariner 9 Spacecraft, the first spacecraft to orbit that planet and to bring first detailed pictures of Mars to the home base. A proper gift for anyone geeking out about space and Mars topics. And considering wallet’s durability and price, it’s a steal for anyone else too. 

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Star Trek wallet

Stat Trek wallet from Amazon.

We love Star Trek. It’s a world where self-discovery and learning more are the most important things and not something to be laughed at. (Which might not always be the case for geeks in a real-life scenario).

Humanity decided to put away any fears and look for something grander than themselves. And this created universe seems realistic. People have to leave together and fight to get along (just like you and your dorm roommate used too).

So this quest for betterment is not too idealistic. So if you are amongst the fan of Star Trek universe and thinking of a new wallet, this one can be a great upgrade. 

It’s made of durable polyester, has lots of card slots, plenty of space for cash, and ID window too. And also says “He’s Dead, Jim,” on the inside, as a reference to the high mortality rate of Enterprise crew.

Great conversation starter and a perfect reminder about all those things that were important for humans populating Star Trek universe. 

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Darth Vader wallet

Darth Vader wallet from Amazon.

Darth Vader is probably one of the most iconic villains of all time (not only in Star Wars reality).

He’s exceptionally evil. It’s not uncommon for him to choke someone for merely questioning his power.

He is practically invincible (till the layers got peeled to uncover vulnerabilities), mysterious and frightening. And also so much different from anyone around.

So, you absolutely can’t be indifferent to this character.

And if you are a fan, I found a perfect wallet. It’s a simple classic bi-fold featuring the Darth Vader image from the original trilogy. It measures 10 x 6 x 0.8 inches, it’s spacious and will get the job done. Great little find. 

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